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Shahruh Radio Series - Executive Director Netsols Ayub Ghori

  • Date

    17 Sep 2021

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    Radio Shows

Shahruh Technologies (PVT) Limited is super glad to join hands with FM ITU 90.4 to start a new Radio show titled as "IT Ventures". The show is focused on discussing, celebrating and highlighting entrepreneurial ventures,  entrepreneurial stories, youth entrepreneurship and to develop skill set required. 
CEO Shahruh Technologies Mr. Hamid Saeed is the Host (RJ) for this show and he Interviews renowned names in industry to answer questions from aspiring as well young entrepreneurs. Hamid being an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship trainer and researcher himself, try to find and address actual gaps in ecosystem and policy side through his questions. 

We were fortunate to have Mr. Ayub Ghori - CEO HospitALL, Director Netsols and Nspire in our first show as the guest speaker. Mr. Ghori talked about his own entrepreneurial journey and advised young entrepreneurs for their journey. Nspire, the incubator by Netsols Technologies was described in detail and listeners can find all the details about it in Audio recording embedded above
We asked Sir Ayub Ghori, also known as #AG about the idea and future plan for HospitALL and he discussed the brilliant healthcare startup that is making progress by leaps and bounds. #AG believes that people who have prior experience and industry knowledge can perform much better than a high school entrepreneur. #AG told his story of HospitALL that's a true case study to prove his point. At hospitAll he wants to develop a complete ecosystem for healthcare and health tech.
Answering a question related to Sharing economy model, Mr. Ghori told that HospitAll model somehow resembles the idea of sharing economy model (as Shahruh Event Technologies does) but it's not merely shared economy but a complete ecosystem that has potential to cover & embed so many concepts in later stages. 

As a final advice to young folks, he told to build credibility and trust among FnF (Friends and Family) as they're their primary support, investors and even customers. It was great having Mr. Ayub Ghori with us and we are looking forward to have more sessions with him. We wish him all the success for HospitALL and Nspire.