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Global Entrepreneurship Week

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    16 Sep 2021

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    Global Entrepreneuship Week

The :Urban Unit/iCube: Center of Excellence in collaboration with ShahRuh arranged 
"Inspire Aspiring Entrepreneurs” event on November 18th, 2017. Successful, accomplished entrepreneurs, collaborators, mentors and investors joined in and talked their heart out to budding startups about their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Following Speakers/Mentors

Ziad Khan - President Peace.University, USA
Shehryar - Levogue 
Umer Farooq - PYCO 
Dilawer Hussain - CEO Tboxsolutionz 
Awais Sarwar - Successful freelancer
Abid Malik - CEO Indus venture
Ali Ahmad - CEO Euphoria
Raza Jaffri - SVP DevBatch
joined the event and shared their insight and experiences including the challenges they had to face before meeting their success. Most everyone agreed that focus and determination are the main factors that helped them.

The environment was teeming with motivation, inspiration, encouragement to research on and work towards their passion - in line with the spirit of the center.

ShahRuh will keep organizing such events to help grow the start up ecosystem in Pakistan. We believe this is one possible way we can pay back to the system from which we have benefited.